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There’s a lot of people out there not yet reached for Jesus. Our churches and ministries aren’t often equipped to share Him. And not all evangelism training programs are a good fit for everyone.

That’s where Access Evangelism comes in. With our vast experience leading evangelism in many contexts, we work directly with churches and organizations to develop tailor-made evangelism practices and programs that your organization can run sustainably and long into the future. It’s evangelism led by you, in a way that works for you.


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Outreach leadership

Leading evangelism is different than leading any other type of ministry. We provide leadership of evangelism outreaches that can be taught to other leaders within your church.

Evangelism training

Many Christians want to share the gospel, but they just don’t know how. We give interactive, hands-on evangelism training, working through the common hurdles that keep us from sharing Christ.

Leadership consultation

Getting evangelism off the ground is one thing. Sustaining it within the culture and activities of your ministry is something else altogether. Based on our years-long experience leading evangelism inside and outside the local church, we provide guidance tailored to your organization.

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Hiland Overgaard started doing evangelism in 2002. Since early on, he was amazed at what God did every time the gospel was shared, but he was overwhelmed with the need to share Jesus in a city the size of his hometown of Minneapolis. He turned his eyes toward multiplying the spread of the gospel, training thousands to share their faith and dozens to lead evangelism, networking with an expansive web of churches and ministries throughout the Twin Cities.

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Minneapolis, MN 55406

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